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Our Mission

Develop and commercialise novel food proteins to replace farmed meat, with net zero manufacturing.  Livestock production contributes 15% of global GHG emissions.  It is time to make a break for the future.  We want to be part of the solution to halting and then reversing atmospheric CO2 levels, back to below 350ppm and 0.5 degree rise.

We are committed to producing our protein with a net zero or minimal carbon footprint.  This means aiming to use 100% renewable energy.  Leaf sourcing is focused on by-products of agriculture, reducing our carbon footprint, as we’re avoiding methane emissions from composting.

Sustainable sourcing
Net zero manufacturing
About us

Rift Protein is working with Wageningen University Research, specialists in plant protein extraction, to research, develop and optimise protein production.


We are open to others interested in developing plant protein and cultured meat joining with us to build a multi-product business.

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