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We are currently focused on plant protein, to increase the supply of high quality proteins for food ingredients, to substitute for meat and dairy.  This requires high volume, low cost plant materials as feedstock and low cost clean energy for production.
Research & Development

We are researching novel, quality, plant proteins and how we can access feedstocks in size for production.  Our focus is on RuBisCo and on mung bean protein.  RuBisCo has not been used in commercial plant-based meat substitute production.  We are currently investigating a novel source of RuBisCo, from a plant waste product.  Mung bean protein is currently used in egg alternatives and mung beans (greengrams) are cultivated extensively by smallholders in East Africa, where we have sourcing capability.


We are currently focused on plant protein. We expect to source and produce in East Africa and Europe.  Why Africa?  Africa has an abundance of agricultural production and Kenya provides a major source of geothermal electricity and hot water in the Rift Valley.

But we also have an interest in cultured meat and expect to diversify into this space over time.

Low / net zero production

In order to achieve our Mission we target a low or net zero production process.  This can be achieved by using plant waste, crops which increase soil organic carbon and sustainable farming methods.  It can be further improved by using electricity from renewable sources to power processing.

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